This award is for the outstanding service to the Florida Region during the last year. Both the General Members and the Board Members are eligible for this honor. This award is choosen by the Region President. It was formerly the President’s member of the Year Award.

2008 Ray Eckhart
2008 Darrel Cole
2007 Tom & Dena Holt
2006 Gene & Marilyn Roy
2005 Dick Gauchat
2004 Lee Dunkin
2003 Don Allen
2002 Shirley Dawson / Dick Gauchat
2001 John Bryant
2000 Howard Gilkes
1999 Dee Williams
1998 John & Sylvia Bowman
1997 Pat Dunkin
1996 Howard Gilkes
1995 Bob Bucher



Don Patterson was a long time member of the Florida Region. He was an untiring worker for the club. Don loved to restore antique autos and completed many restorations. In addition, he offered valuable aid to other members of the club. He was a firm believer In the “Restoration and Preservation of Antique Automobiles”.

The “Don Patterson Award” is an annual award presented to a member of the AACA Florida Region who, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, most exemplifies the traditions set by Don Patterson.

2007 Tim Bucher
2006 Don Allen
2005 Lee Dunkin
2004 David & Marianne Main
2003 John & Gabriele Bryant
2002 Eddie & Dot Clark
2001 Tom & Dena Holt
2000 Darrell Cole
1999 Vonell Cooley
1998 Brent Ferguson
1997 Mike & Kathy Lightcap
1996 Larry Cole
1995 Kendra Gilkes
1994 Russ & Shirley Dawson
1993 John & Sylvia Bowman
1992 Gene & Marilyn Roy
1991 Ray Morrison
1990 John Mathias
1989 Dee Williams
1988 Wayne Clements
1987 Ted Janowski
1986 Lee Patterson
1985 John Walters
1984 Sandy Pedersen
1983 Leon Barto
1982 AI Mowson
1981 Steve Cooley
1980 Chuck Phelps .Jr
1979 Stella Brin
1978 Grace Lindenberg