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‘66 Chevrolet Electric Corvair Monza Convertible


Yes, you read correctly! This 1966 Corvair has been converted to an electric car. Sort of “Back to the Future”.
This car started out as a 110 hp flat six air cooled engine mounted in the rear. It features GM’s 2 speed Power Glide transmission. It was purchased in 2012 from Dave Dean, down in Old Town, Kissimmee, Florida. This Corvair was displayed in the drug store, in Old Town. I drove it off the drug store floor and continued down to South Florida.
The conversion took place about a year later, and took 3 months. The drive system consists of 36 Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries connected in series, which provides approximately 120VDC. The batteries power a 75HP 3-phase AC induction motor, which is controlled by a Curtis 3-Phase inverter. The motor is coupled to the Flex plate shaft on the torque converter. This is the same shaft that the gasoline engine coupled to. The front trunk contains 10 of the batteries and a 5 Kw charger. The J1772 charger plug is located where the gas filler tube used to be. The remaining 26 batteries are mounted in the rear engine compartment along with a DC/DC converter, that converts the 120VDC to 12VDC. The 12VDC powers the normal electrical system of the car. The car can travel ~65 miles on a charge and can recharge in 3-4 hours. I usually plug it in at night and it is ready to go in the morning. This car is not for long range intercity driving. It works well for local errands and car shows. It has a top speed of ~90 MPH. I don’t think I would want to go any faster, in a 54 year old car.
It is a very comfortable car and has been retrofitted with front disc brakes, 15 inch tires, and America Racing Crager style wheels. The seats were recovered in a 2 tone theme. I was very fortunate to find material that matched the car color so well.
It is fun to drive and very quiet. Wherever I go, people always comment on how nice the car looks and everyone seems to have had a Corvair or a relative that had a Corvair, and loved it.


Color Matched Seat Cushions

Rear Engine Compartment


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Due to Covid-19, the Florida Region AACA Board of Directors has approved the following two motions.


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