Charlie Jones’ ’63 Oldsmobile Restoration
Episode 6



The body goes back on the frame.


I found a used body rotissierie and I mounted the body on it. I sandblasted the entire body and coated it with epoxy primer and patched a couple of small rust holes, in the rocker panels, with new metal. I determined that my body reworking skills were not up to the task of repairing the flat sides, of the quarter panels. I had the body hauled to a nearby body shop and they finished the work for me. When the body came back, I took it and the chassis, around the building, to my buddies’ shop. He has a hoist there and we used to set the body back on the frame. The same way we had taken it off four years before.
I was able to find new body mount mounts and installed them between the body and frame. I returned the car to my shop where I put it up on jack stands and painted the firewall, dash top panel, and the door jams. I removed the transmission and cut a hole in the floor for the transmission shifter.

That brings me up to date on the progress on this car.

Next month: A blow by blow description of my monthly progress.



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