Charlie Jones’ ’63 Oldsmobile Restoration
Episode 3



Body removed from chassis and attached to body cart

Chassis sans body

Body on Rotisserie

The Body Comes Off The Frame


Now that the body shell was completely stripped, the next step was removing it from the chassis. We pushed the car around the building to my buddy’s shop where there is a twin post lift. I removed 10 bolts that hold the body to the frame, and using the hoist under the rocker panels, we lifted the body off the frame. With the body suspended above, the chassis was rolled out of the shop and a specially made “body cart” was rolled into place. Careful measurement paid off as the body cart fit into place perfectly. Later on, the body cart was replaced by a “rotisserie”. This made working on the body much easier.

Next, the chassis was stripped. The front and rear suspension and the steering gear were removed from the frame. The previous owner was going to do an engine swap. He welded new motor mounts to the frame. But, that idea was abandoned. I had to cut and grind the brackets off and patch the holes left in the frame. I started to wire brush the frame and paint it. I realized that it would be easier and look better if I took it to a powder coat shop, in Orlando. It was worth the $550 it cost.

The suspension pieces were sandblasted and painted. The suspension bushings were all replaced with new items. The ball joints and steering components were all replaced with new items. The rear axle was completely re-built with a new posi-traction unit, with only the ring and pinion gears reused. Now, I was ready to start re-assembling the car.


Next Month: Finding and re-building an engine.


Initial attempt to clean up chassis

Powder coated frame

Steering and suspension removed


Check-in next month for the next episode of Charlie Jones’ ’63 Oldsmobile Restoration Project.